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LED lights and LED light strip

LED lights, LED light strip, DMX lighting solutions

LED Light Strip
for high quality LED Lighting products.

The LED Light Strip range of LED Strip Lighting is suitable for a wide variety of applications including architectural, low voltage, landscape, outdoor and nightclub LED Lighting. With a complete range of Power Supply Units, controllers and drivers for RGB, DMX and Dali configurations our helpful staff are always willing to advise on setting up your LED Lighting.

LED lighting has become globally accepted as the efficient, Low Energy and low maintenance means of illumination. This is due to recent advances in LED Lighting technology being driven by the increasing need for more energy efficient solutions. The high efficiency, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs of LED Lights and LED Light Strip provides an ideal solution for LED Lighting installations in internal and external designs. Modern advances in LED Lighting technology mean that LED Lighting can be more than ten times as energy efficient as normal incandescent light bulbs for the same light output. Incandescent light bulbs are extremely wasteful, expending over 90 percent of the energy flowing through them as heat.

* They are cool in operation remaining close to room temperature so less energy is wasted as heat.
* LEDs are more durable than other lighting sources being resistant to heat, cold, shock and vibration.
* LED Lights can last a hundred thousand hours when used at the rated current.
* LED Lighting can be up to ten times more energy efficient than current incandescent lights resulting in much lower maintenance costs.

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